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Welcome to the website of the Highland Mindfulness Group
(Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SC050141)

FREE REGULAR SESSIONS on Zoom and drop in sessions in Inverness – please see our What’s on page for details.

COURSES – visit our Courses page for info about our latest courses on Zoom

We are in process of re-organising this website to make it more user friendly. If you are looking for something specific and can’t find it by using the search box or the list, please email us on highlandmindfulness@gmail.com and we will try to help.

We can now accept donations online by Paypal (click here) or by bank transfer (please email us for details on highlandmindfulness@gmail.com). Thank you.

The Highland Mindfulness Group is a charitable organisation that provides beginner’s mindfulness courses and support, motivation and continued training in all aspects of mindfulness meditation to anyone who has completed basic mindfulness training whether through a standard 8 week course (MBSR, MBCT, MBLC, Breathworks course etc) or any other route.

Initially the group came into existence as a graduate group designed to meet the needs of people who had attended NHS Highland courses and who wished to continue their practice. Its continuing links with the NHS mean that it will remain a secular group unattached to any religious movement or lineage. Whilst its does not affiliate to any religion, it does of course welcome those with religious beliefs, and seeks to enhance the spiritual experience of people from religious backgrounds.

The Group tries to meet its aims by organising courses, follow on or graduate groups, by arranging study days on a great variety of topics, silent meditation practice sessions, days of silent practice, mindfulness walks and retreats depending on the demand. Increasingly it is also being asked to run beginner’s mindfulness courses and courses in more advanced meditation techniques.

In May 2020, the Highland Mindfulnes Group became a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Any donations are welcome and these help us to continue organising mindfulness sessions, to teach and to facilitate meditation practices. Where a charge is to be made, e.g. for courses or a residential retreat, the amount will be clearly stated on the introductory information and arrangements can be made to help those on low income.

For details of events please refer to the “What’s on” page on this website. No formal membership is required and anyone who is interested should make contact with the group through the email address highlandmindfulness@gmail.com.

The Highland Mindfulness Group SCIO is a team effort involving Allan, Brigid, Catherine, Diana, Elke, Jan, Kate, Liz, Meg, Peter, Rona and Val as facilitators, with Christine and Daniel helping with admin.

MAILING LIST – We run a mailing list using the Google Groups facility. If you wish to receive our news emails, please contact us on highlandmindfulness@gmail.com and we will add you to the list. If you are already on the list but you are not receiving emails from us – please check your Spam or Junk folder (and if possible click on the “Not Spam” option).

SOCIAL MEDIA – We have our own Facebook page and Twitter account, as well as a Youtube channel.

The meditations on this web site are free to download and listen to.


The Highland Mindfulness Group is grateful for financial support from the Highland Council Ward Discretionary Fund
Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

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